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Urban Wallace Associates

Urban Wallace Associates is a boutique marketing consulting firm in Lexington, MA. We help clients grow the revenues and margins of their businesses. Sometimes this means discovering unmet market needs and designing a new product or service to address these needs. In other situations, it means eliminating barriers to purchase for existing products, creating product enhancements for existing customers, finding new buyers for existing products or increasing customer loyalty and retention.

Urban Wallace has worked with more than 200 clients in 21 different industries including a large number of assignments in consumer products, transportation, financial services and healthcare. We often evaluate potential acquisitions and perform assessments for private equity firms. Our clients range from start-ups and early stage companies to very large global firms. As part of our client work during the last 27 years, Urban Wallace has built twenty-two businesses with revenues of at least $100 million and margins that are typically 2-to-3 times the base business. Seven of these businesses are more than $1.0 billion in revenues and three were standalone start-ups. 

For 25 years we have served domestic and international companies in a variety of product and service businesses. We invite you to explore this Web site and contact Roger Urban to learn more about how we can help you.

Roger Urban | President, Urban Wallace Associates

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Mr. Urban is a specialist in marketing, new product development and strategic planning. He has served as an advisor to consumer products and services companies, industrial manufacturers, transportation companies and financial institutions. He is the founder of Urban Wallace Associates and has run this consulting firm for 25 years.

Mr. Urban started his consulting career as Manager of Internal Consulting for PET Incorporated and then became a partner at Temple Barker Sloan (now Mercer Management Consulting). Before entering consulting, Mr. Urban was Brand Manager-New Product Development for The Clorox Company. He gained his initial marketing and sales management experience with the Maxwell House Division of General Foods Corporation.

A major portion of Mr. Urban’s consulting has been for large banks and financial services firms. He has directed many technology-based projects such as automated letter-of-credit processing and electronic home banking. Mr. Urban is also a recognized expert in logistics and supply chain management.

A graduate of Dartmouth College, Mr. Urban also earned an MBA in finance and marketing from Stanford University. Following business school, he taught mathematics and conducted research in international finance at the Management Development Institute (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Mr. Urban has lectured and prepared cases about marketing for The Amos Tuck School, Stanford Graduate School of Business and Pratt Institute. For Xerox, he prepared and taught a management course about benchmarking. He has made presentations and published articles for the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals.